My name is Howard VanCleave... and I am addicted to photography. I admit it, I'm hooked. I would say, "I need to find a ten-step program...", but I don't want to be cured of this addiction!

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, ModelMayhem and other professional organizations. Feeling warm and fuzzy now? Good!

Since 2001 I have had this addiction... and much like an addict, I search for that perfect shot. I find one, and need to find another, then another... and so on!

It has become my passion to take photos of what might look ordinary to the untrained eye, and create something that will incite emotion and feeling.

We live in a world surrounded by sheer beauty yet seldom do we stop and take a closer look. It is through my lens that I take pause and recognize so many of the things I miss in my life while 'living'.

My prayer to you... stop, set an appointment... and let me create a lasting memory for you to enjoy... and pass on to those who will pass this way after you. Photographs of those we cherish!

Yeah, I kinda like the sound of that. Addicted? Go figure...